Raclette Bevving

Pint No. 2

What? – Brugse Zot Blond

When? – 3rd January 2018

Where? – Challenge HQ, Putney

Christmas 2017 was the year of kitchen gifts in my household. As well as my girlfriend Esther and I being given a quality toastie-machine and a MagiMix, our housemates Clive and Vicky received a Raclette grill. So last night was Raclette night in our house. A perfect excuse to knock off beer 2.

Part of my Christmas haul included a selection of interesting beers, one of those being a bottle of Brugse Zot Blond.

This beer was actually something of a learning curve for me in this journey. I went into the Blond blind and found it getting lost in my food. At 6% I thought it would be strong enough to take on the pork, meatballs and cheese we had cooking. It’s a decent bev, but it was a lot lighter than I expected and couldn’t quite hold up to the intense flavours. It’s only after drinking that I discovered it was meant to be paired with seafood.

That makes a lot of sense as there were some flavours there but against strong meat and other foods they got slightly lost. From now on, I’ll be researching anything I have with food to make sure I’m giving the beer enough of a chance.

Overall score – 3/5 (with a caveat that it wasn’t it’s fault)


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