Korean Air Promotional Video

My mate Bone was going to be in London Monday + Tuesday so we decided to go and get a beer in town one of the nights. We went for Tuesday and decided to go to The Magic Garden in Battersea and then The Latchmere. I got to the pub first and felt a strange atmosphere when I walked in. It was weirdly quiet and there were a a huge proportion of Korean people in there. Thinking nothing of it, I went to the toilet, then back out and bought a pint. It was only as the bartender was pouring my pint that I spotted all the filming equipment. After about 10 minutes or so, a member of staff started sticking up notices regarding the filming. It was a promotional video for Korean Airlines and mere presence in the pub meant you were compliant with being filmed. When Bone walked in I was stood uncomfortably at the bar whilst a directory was yelling orders in Korean at his staff.

Pint No. 34

What? – Staropramen

Where? – The Magic Garden, Battersea

When? – Tuesday 6th February 2018

In all the madness, I went for a pint of Staropramen, forgetting that I was off to Prague in May which was annoying. My irritation was compounded when I was charged £6 for the pint. Not a successful first pint of the week. You’ll have to excuse my photography skills in the below photos. Despite taking about 17 shots, not one managed to capture the tap and the pint properly. Fuck knows how the film crew were getting on.


Given all the shite lagers I drank on Saturday I was hoping this would be a bit more tasty and whilst it was better than the Coors and San Miguel, it still didn’t hit the spot. It came served in a nice branded glass, with a handle and did go down quite well. I think my opinion of the beer is skewed slightly by the atmosphere and the price. It’s definitely nicer than the likes of Heineken and San Miguel, but I’m sure there’s better big name beers out there.

Overall Score: 2.5/5


Pint No. 35

What? – Sambrooks, Junction

Where? – The Latchmere, Battersea

When? – Tuesday 6th February 2018

After bailing from the awkwardness of the promotional video, we headed to one of my favourite pubs in London, The Latchmere. given that the brewery is just minutes away from the pub, my first pint there was Sambrooks, Junction.

To be honest, this is probably my biggest disappointment in the challenge to date. It’s a bitter but really didn’t hit the spot with any flavour. I got a bit of citrus but it far too subtle for me. It also seemed very thin and watery, lacking in several areas. I don’t know whether or not it was a bad barrel or what, but it was certainly a shame. I’ve liked every Sambrooks beer I’ve tried up until this point, but Junction left me wanting.

Overall Score: 1.5/5


Pint No. 36

What? – Harvey’s, Sussex Best

Where? – The Latchmere, Battersea

When? – Tuesday 6th February 2018

Unpeturbed by the Sambrooks fiasco, I stuck to the bitters and went this time for Harvey’s Sussex Best. This is a prize-winning bitter and it really showed. The difference between this and Junction was stark. It has a nice hoppy flavour without being overpowering and at 4% you can crack on with several of them. I’ve heard this be described as biscuity and I can absolutely get that. it’s got a subtle sweetness to it which really rounded off the pint. If you’re in the market for a bitter, this is one I’d heartily recommend.

Overall Score: 3.5

Before moving on to red wine, I thought I’d crack on to one more beer for the challenge.

Pint No. 37

What? – Meantime, Helles

Where? – The Latchmere, Battersea

When? – Tuesday 6th February 2018

Classic London photo: a London pint with a London bus in the background. As with Sambrooks, I’ve had a fair amount of Meantime pints over the last few years. And as with Sambrooks Junction, I’ve never seen Meantime Helles on tap before, so I thought i’d give it a go. Unfortunately for me, just like Sambrooks Junction, Helles was very underwhelming. I’m a fan of Meantime London Lager, so I thought that with Helles (also a lager), I’d be in safe hands. Instead, I’d just ordered a distinctly average pint of lager. very little to it, over fizzy and just not great. Apparently this beer was recently brought back after a significant hiatus. If it’s like last time, the hiatus should be extended.

Overall Score: 1.5/5


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