Six Nations – First Weekend

The Six Nations started at the weekend which is always a fantastic excuse to rally the troops and drink copious amounts of alcohol. For the first weekend of the tournament, we were housed by Bag in his flat in Bristol. I decided that I was just going to drink a load of mass-produce lager and tick some of them off the list for the sake of the challenge.

Pint No. 29

What? – Coors Light

Where? – Bag’s Gaff, Bedminster

When? – Saturday 3rd February 2018

Whilst we were waiting for the rugby to start, we put the Man City v Burnley game and I cracked open a bottle of Coors Light. If you like your beer to taste like absolutely nothing at all, then this is the drop for you. It really is pathetic and is easy to drink because there is nothing of it. It’s another one that tastes like fizzy water. Even if your aim is to get cunted, it’s going to take a hell of a lot of these to achieve it. Not much else to say about it to be honest.

Overall Score: 0.5/5


Pint No. 30

What? – San Miguel

Where? – Bag’s Gaff, Bedminster

When? – Saturday 3rd February 2018

Next up I moved on to a bottle of San Miguel which at least has a bit about it. It’s still pretty bad but it if nothing else, you can tell you’re drinking something that’s supposed to be beer. We had Wales v Scotland on the telly by this point which was a far better contest than me v the beer.

Overall Score: 1/5


Pint No. 31

What? – Heineken

Where? – Bag’s Gaff, Bedminster

When? – Saturday 3rd February 2018

The trouble with drinking beers you’ve had 100 times and don’t particularly like is that there’s very little to say about them. They don’t taste of much, they don’t smell of much, they all look the same and they’re all around the same ABV. Enter Heineken. I guess it’s a little less bitter than San Miguel and has a bit more to say for itself than Coors Light, but essentially, it’s the same.

Overall Score – 1.5/5


Pint No. 32

What? – Scrumpy Jack

Where? – Bag’s Gaff, Bedminster

When? – Saturday 3rd February 2018

Bag’s flat is in a building that has a pool room in it. When all the professional sport had finished we went up there to compete in some amateur sport. Killer Pool to be precise. As a punishment for missing every ball whilst breaking, I was awarded a can of Scrumpy Jack to get through. It’s pretty rough, quite sour and bitter and doesn’t really taste like any cider I would normally drink.

If Scrumpy Jack were a sausage, it would be a Richmond. Terrible quality, no ingredients in it that you’d be used to seeing in a sausage and mass produced to within an inch of it’s life. It is however, a brand name that people know. It’s for this reason that it’s had the longevity that it has. It’s like the branded version of every filthy high % cider available in a corner shop.

Overall Score: 0.5/5


Pint No. 33

What? – Almaza

Where? – Mezza Palace, Bristol

When? – Saturday 3rd February 2018

The last unique beer of my day was in a Lebanese restaurant in Bristol. We got there later than our booking and lost the table so the owner came over with some beers for us. Almaza is a pale lager brewed in Beirut, Lebanon and owned by the Heineken company. I think it’s the first time in my life that I’ve had a Lebanese beer. I’d consider having it again if I were eating in a Lebanese restaurant but it is very similar to Greek and Turkish beers like Mythos, Efes and Keo.

We went into Bristol after this and I switched to spirits which puts an end to this roundup of pints.


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