Upgraded Interiors

The day after Yeovil’s humiliation at the hands of Manchester United, Esther and I had been invited to go to Murray & Shea’s for a late Burns Night celebration. Before this, we’d decided to walk up to Wimbledon and get a bit of exercise in us. About 2 minutes into the walk, the heavens opened and we were getting drenched. This led to us taking a bus to right outside The Alexandra pub in Wimbledon. Fuck the walk.

Pint No. 25

What? – Wimbledon, Gold

Where? – The Alexandra, Wimbledon

When? – Saturday 27th January 2018

I used to live in Wimbledon but didn’t know a huge amount about The Alex. We’d go there every now and then to watch sport or have a beer but that’s about it. But they love getting involved in community and whether it’s giving free Christmas dinners to lonely people or launching a social media campaign to find a man who dropped his Christmas bonus, they do a lot of good things.

They’ve also had a refit upstairs, making what they call The Loft a great place to go any time of year. The outside is awesome but indoors has a good vibe to it as well. Given that I was in Wimbledon, I decided to go for a pint of Wimbledon Gold Lager.

Overall Score – 4/5


Esther was meeting a friend back in Putney, so we decided to get the tube back and try the new East Putney Tavern. When I first moved to Putney back in 2014 there was a pub here but I didn’t go very often as it wasn’t great. They’ve completely re-done it inside though and it’s really spacious and well finished. They also have a pretty interesting selection of bevs on tap.

Pint No. 26

What? – Thornbridge, Tzara

Where? – East Putney Tavern, Putney

When? – Saturday 27th January 2018

I went with Tzara by Thornbridge Brewery in the Peak District. Thornbridge describe it as “a hybrid beer, fermented like an ale but matured like a lager” though I was pretty disappointed. To be honest, it didn’t really taste of anything. In all facets of life, hybrid is only good if you manage to get the good parts of the things you’re combining. In the instance of Tzara, I would say they managed to create a brown, fizzy water. The “fruity palate with some bready notes” only works if the fruit is actually a tissue and the bread is white-sliced Kingsmill. It didn’t taste of anything.

The pub was ace and the selection of beers (and cocktails) is good enough to help to tick off a few tastes in this challenge.

Overall Score – 1.5/5

Unfortunately, at this point in the day my battery died meaning that I couldn’t get any images of the beers I was going for. Opposite Putney Station, there used to a Weatherspoons that was dingy and very ‘Spoonsy’ – this has been gutted and turned into a Revolution.

Pint No. 27

What? – Goose Island, Honkers

Where? – Revolution, Putney

When? – Saturday 27th January 2018

We decided to go here to meet Esther’s friend Cara as it was close and we wanted to check it out. I was pretty pleased with the beer selection and went with a pint of Goose Island, Honkers. As I said, I don’t have photographs of these, but below is what the pump looked like…


I quite enjoyed Honkers but I didn’t love. It’s an English Bitter and at 4.3% is very sessionable. I definitely could have had another but it wasn’t amazing or particularly flavoursome.

Overall Score: 2.5/5


We then moved on to Murray and Shea’s for Burns Night dinner which had also had a bit of a tart up since we first went round. They’ve moved back from Canada and got all their stuff up in the house now.

Pint No. 28

What? – Brewdog, Punk IPA

Where? – Murray & Shea’s Gaff, Putney

When? – Saturday 27th January 2018

I was met at the door by a lovely pint of Brewdog’s classic, Punk IPA. Being a Burns Night celebration, the Scottish pint was the perfect start to proceedings. At 5.6% we’re out of session territory but not too strong that you couldn’t keep going back for more. It’s a really fruity IPA with a lot of flavour and a nice amount of fizz. That was the last beer of my day as we moved on to drinking copious amounts of wine, prosecco and whisky. The night took a bit of turn when we found out our friends Patrick and Katie had gotten engaged. I can’t remember much more of the night.

Overall Score: 4/5


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