Chinese New Year

London was celebrating the Chinese New Year a couple of days after the event on Sunday 18th Feb so Esther and I decided to head over to Chinatown and see what was happening. My friend Grace (who is Chinese) had promised some strange things including people dressed as lions eating cabbage that had been hung up in restaurant doorways so it’s safe to say I was excited. Not only that, but Gok Wan was one of the guests at the main event Trafalgar Square, so, that.

Pint No. 54

What? – Fuller’s, London Porter

Where? – The Admiralty, Trafalgar Square

When? – Sunday 18th February 2018

We went into central and it was absolutely ruddy heaving. First off we headed to Trafalgar Square to see the set up and there was a man playing an instrument on stage that really good. Following that, there were a load of people dancing up there which wasn’t really my speed so we went for a walk round Chinatown. It was ridiculously busy and we shuffled round for about an hour before deciding to sack it off for a bit and go to the pub. We were going to meet Murray and Shea before the fireworks started and the event finished so we holed up in The Admiralty. Being a Fuller’s pub, they had a great selection of Fuller’s pints on tap so I went with a pint of their London Porter and a bag of Salt and Vinegar crisps. I really enjoyed the pint, it was smooth and flavourful whilst not being too heavy. It claims to be widely regarded as the World’s finest porter which may be a bit of a stretch, but its certainly one to try if you haven’t yet.

Overall Score: 4/5


Pint No. 55

What? – Fuller’s, Honey Dew

Where? – The Admiralty, Trafalgar Square

When? – Sunday 18th February 2018


Overall Score: 1/5


Pint No. 56

What? – By The Horns Brewing, Bison APA

Where? – The Rocket, Putney

When? – Sunday 18th February 2018

DISCLAIMER – I was quite drunk by this point. I’d smashed off a fair few bevs and not had much to eat so this pint probably wasn’t necessary. I’m going to give it 2.5/5 but to be fair, I really can’t remember anything about it. It was in a Weatherspoons, it’s an APA, it’s 4.8%. Now you know as much as I do.

Overall Score: 2.5/5.


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