France vs. Italy

At the end of a long week at work it’s always nice to have a beer. It’s even nicer to have a 6 Nations match on to watch whilst drinking.

Pint No. 57

What? – Doombar

Where? – Challenge HQ, Putney

When? – Friday 23rd February 2018

We went to Nandos for dinner and had I had a big old spicy meal which fueled the necessity for a tasty brew. The week before, I’d bought a couple of bottles of Doombar to appease my father but he didn’t end up consuming. That’s what I decided would be my accompanying bev. Doombar has become one of the biggest names in Ale over the last few years and is one of the most readily available pints in the country. It’s so easy to drink that it’s easy to see why. It’s got quite a sweet smell and a few notes of sweetness through it but is very balanced and subtle. Obviously with beer like this, it’s better to have it draft, but even in a bottle it’s still good.

Overall Score: 3/5


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