Wimbledon Village

My parents came up to visit again for a bit of dinner. They came up a bit earlier and as it was a nice day, we ventured up to Wimbledon Village for a little poke around and for my mum to complain about how expensive everything was whilst simultaneously loving looking around the shops. After walking round a deli for 20 minutes and leaving with absolutely nothing, I pushed for a visit to the pub.

Pint No. 52

What? – Wimbledon, Bravo

Where? – Rose and Crown, Wimbledon

When? – Saturday 17th February 2018

After trying Wimbledon’s Gold Lager at The Alexandra, I jumped at the chance to try another from the brewery. It’s a good full bodied pint with a bit about it. I preferred the lager to the APA but this is a pint I would have another go on. I’m really enjoying Wimbledon Brewery.

Overall score 3.5/5


Pint No. 53

What? – Youngs, Double Chocolate Stout

Where? – Rose and Crown, Wimbledon

When? – Saturday 17th February 2018

A bit of a wildcard here as there was still quite a lot on tap that I’ve not tried. I spotted this out of the corner of my eye in one of the fridges behind the bar so decided to go for it. Youngs Double Chocolate Stout is very dark, as you’d expect, almost looking like a big old pint of coffee. It does the job of having a choclatey-ness without being sweet or overpowering something that the likes of the Peanut Butter Milk Stout I tried fails with. It’s a really good pint in it’s own right and the chocolate side of it isn’t gimmicky. You can taste it, but it just adds to the flavours that are already present in the pint. Really pleased with taking a punt on this one.

Overall Score: 4.5/5


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