For Round 3 of the Six Nations, we had been invited down Bristol way to Deejay’s house. After an early start, some train disruptions and seeing the bloke who plays Lestrade in Sherlock, I made it to the house. We went over to a large shop, and picked our poison for the day. Not learning from my mistakes in Round 2, I went with several bottles of high strength cider and a bottle of stout.

Getting back to the house, we turned the telly on in preparation for the rugby. This was no mean feat however as for some reason it took about 25 minutes to start up. In the meantime, I picked out the Guinness Milk Stout to be my first drop of the day.

Pint No. 58

What? – Guinness – Milk Stout

Where? – Deejay’s Gaff, Clevedon

When? – Saturday 24th February 2018

Both fittingly and sadly, the only glass available was a plastic one from a rugby stadium. This would be my vessel for the day and the home for the sweet, malty smelling dark bev. I’ve had a couple of milk stouts so far in this challenge and this one ends up right in the middle of the other two. It was a very smooth and rich pint and went down very nicely to start the session.

Overall score: 3/5


When I was younger, there were a few weeks where myself, Rideout and Bag kept trying to go the cinema only for the trip to be derailed by Cornish Rattler. It’s not as strong as other ciders, but it can really just pickle your innerds. With that in mind…

Pint No. 59

What? – Cornish Rattler

Where? – Deejay’s Gaff, Clevedon

When? – Saturday 24th February 2018

A nice pint of Rattler and a couple of pricks. My biggest issue with Rattler is that they call it cyder. I don’t know enough about Cornwall or Cornish to know if that’s a native word, but cider is cider. Call it cider! Cider. Anyway, it’s a cloudy, sweet and not particularly fizzy drop that’s packed full of nostalgia for me. Albeit nostalgia that my cider-addled mind can barely recall.

Overall Score 3/5 (would have been 2.5 but for the nostalgia)

By this point, i think we’d seen Wales lose to Ireland and were gearing up for Scotland vs England.

Pint No. 60

What? – Orchard Pig, Charmer

Where? – Deejay’s Gaff, Clevedon

When? – Saturday 24th February 2018

Sticking to the 6% ciders, and this time I went with the last of the standard Orchard Pig catalogue. I’ve waxed lyrical about Orchard Pig in the past so I won’t go on too long. It’s another really solid drink, fruity, a good amount of fizz and medium means medium. I am a bit concerned that I’ve not left myself with many of my favourite ciders for later in this challenge. Hopefully I’ve not jumped the gun too early.

Overall Score: 4/5.

I forgot to take a picture of my next pint during the drinking stage so I grabbed one of the empty bottle as a form of proof.

Pint No. 61

What? – Old Rosie

Where? – Deejay’s Gaff, Clevedon

When? – Saturday 24th February 2018

Old Rosie is another of those pints that will get you fucked up if you’re not careful. Unlike Rattler though, at 7.3% you know it’s coming for you. It’s made by Weston’s who do a fair amount of good quality commercial pints and named after an old tractor in their orchard. It’s a medium-dry pint which suits me down to the ground. It doesn’t smell great and if you have too many that can come out in your wee the next day. For one on a Saturday afternoon though, it’s pretty good.

Overall Score: 3/5


England had just been humiliated at Murrayfield and the rum had made an appearance so the beers went away for a while. We eventually went out to what I remember to be a sea-side golf clubhouse though, and I ordered another pint. It turned out to just be a standard pub, but memories are an issue at this point.


Pint No. 62

What? – Open Gate, Golden Ale

Where? – The Salthouse, Clevedon

When? – Saturday 24th February 2018

I didn’t clock on to it at the time (despite the clear harp on the pump clip), but Open Gate Golden Ale is a pint from the Guinness family. I’m not going to lie, I can’t remember anything about it so I’m going to give it the average 2.5/5 and move on. Fuck, I really have to stop doing these whilst hammered.

Overall Score: 2.5/5.


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