Duke’s Head Re-opening

My company were invited to go to the “Grand Re-opening” of the Duke’s Head, a Young’s pub down on the river in Putney. Having been to a similar event at a different Young’s last year, I was keen to go again. On arrival, we were given two drinks tokens and told that there were an array of spots around the pub where you could get samples of different drinks. What they failed to mention, or indeed print on the drinks tokens, was that the tokens became invalid at 9pm like some quasi-Cinderella/watershed bullshit. Unaware of this, we took off round the pub sampling all the tasters, holding back our free bar drinks until later in the night. Long story short, despite several attempts, and several arguments, we gave up. Fortunately though, the night was not a complete washout for the challenge as Camden Town Brewery had sent someone down with a keg of lovely, free, Pale.

Pint No. 63

What? – Camden Pale

Where? – The Duke’s Head, Putney

When? – Thursday 1st March 2018

At 4% it’s a good session drop but still with flavour. Nowhere near as hoppy as other Pales I’ve been through, but still in the same vein. The pour wasn’t fantastic and it was served in a plastic glass which is disappointing, but it’s still a nice beer.

Overall Score: 2.5/5 (extra .5 for the fact that it was free)

As well as a selection of small spirits samples, I also had a couple of pints of Camden Hells and a couple of pints of Neck Oil, both have which have featured in this blog previously.


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