Six Nations: Week 4. Pub day

Week four of the Six Nations had finally arrived after a weekend without rugby. Before the egg chasing started though, Manchester United were hosting Liverpool in the Premier League. Ready for a super sport day, Murray, Shea and I decided to set up camp in The Jolly Gardeners in Putney. All the tables were booked up apart from one sharing zone so we grabbed a pint and sat with some football fans.

Pint No. 73

What? – Camden, Other Pils

Where? – Jolly Gardeners, Putney

When? – Saturday 10th March 2018

My first of the day was Camden Town Brewery’s, Other Pils. It was a very light drop, quite crisp and fresh and not a bad way to start the day. To be honest, I don’t rate it too differently to Camden Pils. Much to the chagrin of the football fans we were sat next to, the rugby was starting so the football was turned off. As we’d arrived a bit late, the only goal we actually saw was a comical limby OG from United defender Eric Bailly.

Just before the Scotland game started, it was Murray’s round so he popped up to get me another beer.

Overall Score: 2.5/5

Pint No. 74

What? – Thornbridge, Jaipur

Where? – Jolly Gardeners, Putney

When? – Saturday 10th March 2018

I’d seen Thornbridge Jaipur on tap when I was buying my first beer and my interest was piqued. The residency at the Jolly Gardeners was still going on so I took the opportunity to try another pint from them. What I’d missed was that they Jaipur on both Keg and Cask. What’s a boy to do? Well, having just had a fizzy pilsner, I thought I’d drop the carbonation and give it a go from cask. It’s an English style IPA with a subtle but fruity taste. It was a nice contrast to my last beer.

Overall Score: 3/5

We were cooking now, the Jaipur went down easy and I’d already picked my next victim. I’ve come to quite like the fruitier beers during this challenge and thinking of Thornbridge Melba, I went for something that I hoped would be similarly good.

Pint No. 75

What? – Thornbridge, Mimosa

Where? – Jolly Gardeners, Putney

When? – Saturday 10th March 2018

Enter Mimosa. As you can see in the picture, the head was a bit mad. Really lively coming out of the tap and the head was tipping out over the glass like meringue. Mimosa is a Vermont Session IPA and is a super citrussry delight. It’s got orange and tropical fruits in both flavour and smell and is cloudy gold in colour. I was really impressed with this pint and it’s further improved my opinion of the brewery. I had a second pint of it straight after, which, considering the options on offer is a testament to the bev.

Overall Score: 4.5/5

Scotland had just capitulated to the Irish, all but confirming they’d have their hands on the 2018 Six Nations. I’m four pints down, what to do next? Get stuck into another pint sharpish.

Pint No. 76

What? – The Wild Beer Co, Fresh

Where? – Jolly Gardeners, Putney

When? – Saturday 10th March 2018

Wild Beer Co has a special place in my heart as it’s brewed in Evercreech, Somerset which is where I played cricket for the best part of 5 years. Not only that though, they make really great, interesting beers. Fresh is a 5.5% IPA made using hops that change every 6 months. They pick whatever is great at the time, regardless of where they’re from. Because of this, it’s quite an exciting experience to see if it’s any different to the last time you tried it. The one I had was really fresh (nominative determinism), citrussy and packed a real punch. I liked it.

Overall score: 4/5

England were playing France by this point and were making a real hash of it. Needing win and grab a bonus point to be in with any chance of the title, they were really disappointing in attack. Feeling like I’d had 5 pints without much to line my stomach, I decided to get some food on board. They had a deal on where you could get a pint and a burger for cheaper than the burger on it’s own. Why the fuck not eh?

Pint No. 77

What? – Purity, Pure Ubu

Where? – Jolly Gardeners, Putney

When? – Saturday 10th March 201

The pint I went with was Pure Ubu from Purity brewery. It was amber brown in colour and tasted fairly bitter and nutty. There was some sweetness and a bit of malt but all in all there wasn’t much flavour. Granted, I’d had a lot of beer by this point, but I was still well able to judge this as an underwhelming pint.

Overall Score: 2/5


Pint No. 78

What? – Meantime, London Lager

Where? – Jolly Gardeners, Putney

When? – Saturday 10th March 2018

I think the thing I like most about Meantime is their glasses. They look as though they’ve gone to a lot of effort to make a glass that works will with whatever Meantime beer you buy and still looks and feels nice. London Lager is an inoffensive drop, not much going on with it but a bit more about it than a basic lager. Not the best Meantime has to offer, but not bad either. Pretty average.

Overall Score: 2.5/5


As I’m always saying, London pubs are pretty poor for cider and that’s clear when I get 7 unique pints down me in one day and none of them are made from apples. For a change of pace though, I went with a pint of it.


Pint No. 79

What? – Westons, Capel Road

Where? – Jolly Gardeners, Putney

When? – Saturday 10th March 2018

It’s not a great cider, it’s one of those London pub ciders where it’s sweet and tangy but both of these things seem artificial. It’s quite a good substitute for a Magners or Bulmers if you think you’re too upmarket to sell/drink them. It did a job for me though, and that job was ensuring I was well and truly shitfaced.

Overall Score: 1.5/5


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