Wales vs Italy

The day after my big old stint in the Jolly Gardeners I was feeling pretty ropey but had promised Esther that we’d watch the Wales game in the pub. She’d had to work throughout the day and was gutted to miss out on the rugby. As a Welsh exile though she was more than keen to see the inevitable victory over the Italians.

Pint No. 80

What? – Tiny Rebel, Cwtch

Where? – The Arab Boy, Putney

When? – Sunday 11th March 2018

I was a bit of an obstacle to leaving on time because I was being a bit of hungover slug and watching Sunday Brunch. Because of this we had to pick a pub based on proximity rather than quality. We plumped for The Arab Boy in Putney as it’s the closest pub that would be showing the game. I don’t like this pub. It’s a Greene King and is a little soulless, but it’s also always filled with people who seem to know eachother. It’s really weird. Anyway, they don’t have a single cider on tap. Not even a gash one like Bow. Nothing. I asked what they had in bottles and was met with an array of awful fizzy-pop sweet mess “ciders”. Instead, I saw a pint of Tiny Rebel Cwtch and given that we were watching a Welsh match went for it. It’s a really dark Amber Ale, almost ruby in colour and very hoppy to the taste. I didn’t hate it but it was absolutely the wrong pint for the occasion. I was hungover on pints, and a pint of bitter ale was a stupid decision. I struggled through it and suddenly the Rekorderlig became more attractive.

Overall Score: 2/5

Pint No. 81

What? – The Wild Beer Co, Bibble

Where? – East Putney Tavern, Putney

When? – Sunday 11th March 2018

At half time, we decided that a change of scenery was in order. They didn’t sell anything we wanted to drink and there was a child screaming non-stop for 40 minutes. Children in pubs will be the first thing I outlaw when I’m king of the newly founded Republic of Somerset. Anyway, we hot footed it over to East Putney Tavern in the hope that there would be a better atmosphere and a better selection of brews. Fortunately for us, both of these things were true. Wild Beer Co was my choice again, but this time I had a pint of Bibble. It’s a really fruity, tasty session pale that helps support my love of the brewery.

Overall Score: 3.5/5


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