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The Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race is always big news in Putney as it’s where the race begins. There’s a real festival atmosphere, people lining the streets/riverbank to get a glimpse of the men and women of Oxbridge. Most importantly though, there are pints everywhere. I knew it would be a fairly heavy day given that it was my housemate Vicky’s birthday party later on too, however it was a great excuse to get through as many unique brews as possible.

I saw my first opportunity on the walk down where Sambrooks had a stall dishing out several of their pints.


Pint No. 89

What? – Sambrooks,

Where? – Putney Bridge

When? – Saturday 24th March 2018


Overall Score: 2.5/5

Pint No. 90

What? – Newcastle Brown

Where? – Putney Bridge

When? – Saturday 24th March 2018

So that I didn’t have to drop £5 per pint all day, I’d also picked up a few bevvies from Sainsbury’s to take down to the river too. The first of these was a Newcastle Brown Ale. I’ve not had a taste of this since I was about 19 and had forgotten basically everything about it. You could imagine my horror then when I smelled and tasted it.

Overall Score: 1/5

Pint No. 91

What? – Brew Dog, Elvis Juice

Where? – Bishop’s Park, Fulham

When? – Saturday 24th March 2018

When we’d found Murray and Shea, we wandered over Putney Bridge and into Bishop’s Park to see if we could get a decent spot on the river to watch the race. Knowing that there’s also a fanzone in the park, we thought we’d watch the boats go by, then run over to the big screens and watch the end. One benefit of the weather not being as nice as last year was that there was much more space available for this. Finding our spot, I popped open a bottle of Elvis Juice by Brewdog. I really enjoyed this one. A nice and fresh grapefruity smack round the chops. It’s an IPA with real flavour, citrus coming in both the nose and the mouth. At 6.5% it’s also a bit of sneaky bugger because the grapefruit masks the booze very well. I’m going to be treating myself to many more of these in the future.

Overall Score: 4.5/5

Once the Elvis Juice had the left the building, I went off to the toilets (though I was hopeful I wouldn’t die there). The urinal situation was perplexing all of the blokes bleeding their lizards. Basically, they were 6 man urinals in the format of the portaloo, with doors and a roof. Nobody could work out why on earth they didn’t just provide standard pissers. Anyway, when I left the toilet, I realised I was without a bev which was obviously unacceptable. Fortunately though, there was a bar housed perfectly next to the men’s so I picked up my next drink.

Pint No. 92

What? – Adnams, Ghost Ship

Where? – Bishop’s Park, Fulham

When? – Saturday 24th March 2018

I think it was an attempt at irony for the bar to only be selling Ghost Ship on Boat Race day. Adnams claim that the EPA is inspired by a pub in Walberswick which is allegedly one of the UK’s most haunted places. There are fuck loads of shipwrecks around the area which is where they got the idea for Ghost Ship. Sounds like bollocks to me. The beer itself isn’t amazing but I think it would have been much better on cask. Out of the can it’s a little fruity and bitter but the taste dies away pretty quickly. It’s not particularly fizzy in the first place but that also vanishes fast leaving you with a flat and not hugely tasty pint.

Overall score: 2/5

Needing another wee, I ventured back to the piss barns, then took a different direction afterwards. I headed over to a larger tent filled with people trying to get some free socks from the clothing company “Rupert and Buckley”. There were also a couple of bars in the tent, including one ran by the Chapel Down winery. Happily for me, they also make pints.

Pint No. 93

What? – Chapel Down, Curious IPA

Where? – Bishop’s Park, Fulham

When? – Saturday 24th March 2018

There was either a cider or an IPA on offer, but given that I’d been on beer all day and was quite enjoying it, I stuck with it and bought an IPA. There were rich fuckers all around buying bottles of champagne so once I’d battled through the tweed and rah and got to the bar, I’d worked up quite a thirst. It’s the kind of deep gold colour I’ve come to expect from an IPA and was pretty standard in taste and texture too. It was drinkable but not particularly remarkable.

Overall Score: 2.5/5


I headed back to our spot in time for the start of the men’s race with my IPA in hand. We were there for a short while when this mad posh bastard and his camera-holding manservant came over and asked if he could borrow our spot to film a short segment. Proper mental posho with floppy hair.

Pint No. 94

What? – Pistonhead, Full Amber

Where? – Bishop’s Park, Fulham

When? – Saturday 24th March 2018

I’d finished my IPA by the time the men had started rowing. We were only a short way down the river but Cambridge had already opened up a significant lead over Oxford. They breezed by us so we hot footed it over to the fanzone to watch the end of the race. In front of the big screen, I cracked open a Full Amber by Pistonhead. This one really wasn’t for me. It was too bitter and dry and had a taste of pine that was surprising in a bad way. It lacked any redeeming features and was a real struggle to get through.

Overall Score: 0.5/5


The Full Amber was my last beer at the race. We wandered back up through the revelers in Putney via M&S to get a sandwich. We got back home and I wasn’t planning to have any more beers. I’d already had quite a lot in the day and fancied moving onto spirits. However, I wasn’t banking on my housemate Clive having stored up a couple of German beers for me to try at the party.

Pint No. 95

What? – Bitburger, Premium

Where? – Challenge HQ, Putney

When? – Saturday 24th March 2018

The first of these was a bottle of Bitburger Premium, a 4.8% Pilsner. I’ve been a bit down on the pils style so far this challenge and that will continue here. It was better than a lot of beers I’ve tried but as with previous attempts, I found it lacking in flavour. It was also pretty fizzy, though nothing I can’t handle. Hugely easy to drink though and I think I could get through a fair amount without any trouble.

Overall Score: 2/5


Pint No. 96

What? – Lowenbrau, Oktoberfestbier

Where? – Challenge HQ, Putney

When? – Saturday 24th March 2018

My final and 8th unique bev of the day was Lowenbrau’s Oktoberfestbier. It was a clear and gold colour pouring out to a big old white head. I actually preferred this to the Pilsner as I thought it had a bit more about it. This might have something to do with the 6.1% ABV though.

Overall score: 2.5/5

Needless to say, my memories of the night was hazy at best after this.


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