Pint Before Nets

I’ve started going to practice nets for a new cricket team. It’s the first time I’ve played since I left Somerset >4 years ago so I’ve been a little rusty. “What could possibly solve the problem of not being fit or talented enough to play cricket?”, I asked myself. The answer was obvious, a pint. Fortunately, Bone was up in London for a couple of nights so we arranged to head over to a pub near The Oval to get a bev in before I had to go over there.

Pint No. 97

What? – Black Dog, Stout

Where? – The Black Dog, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

When? – Monday 26th March 2018

Following a recommendation from Google, we sauntered through Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (hardly nominative determinism) and found The Black Dog, a pub on the perimeter. The Black Dog is a free house (woohoo!) and was absolutely packed to the rafters inside. When I got to the bar, I knew immediately that I’d have to go with one of The Black Dog’s own pints so had a lager, and EPA or a stout to choose from. Given the fact that I’d have to exercise in the not too distant future, I banked on the stout being the least fizzy and ordered a tasty looking pint of it. it came out with a creamy, but slightly muddied looking head with a rich mahogany underneath. The contents didn’t disappoint, it’s a smooth and smoky stout with lots of taste all the way from top to bottom. Whilst not quite as good as Thornbridge ENA, it was very different and I would definitely have had a second if it weren’t for my cricket predicament (precrickament?).

Overall Score: 4/5


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