The Magic Gang

There’s a band called The Magic Gang that are signed to Felix and Hugo White’s (Formally of The Maccabees) record label, Yala! We saw them at Glastonbury last year and had a great time so bought tickets for their current tour in London. We headed over to The Electric Ballroom in Camden on Wednesday night to watch. As is to be expected at this point in the challenge, it’s getting a bit harder to find beers on tap that haven’t already gone down the gullet. This is especially the case in gig venues which are often limited in the first place. Fortunately, there was something for pint number 98.

Pint No. 98

What? – Murphy’s Irish Stout

Where? – Electric Ballroom, Camden

When? – Wednesday 28th March 2018

Murphy’s Irish Stout is like an overlooked sibling, cross that it’s attention seeking brother is in every pub in the land. It’s the Salieri to Guinness’ Mozart; the Ringo, the Ross from Friends, it’s Michael Carrick. Anyway, stout isn’t exactly the pint most synonymous with an up and coming new band, but it went down fairly well. Not great when compared to some of the other stouts I’ve had so far, but it didn’t embarrass itself. It’s quite smooth and super easy to drink but still had the iron-rich bitterness you’d expect.

Overall Score: 2.5/5

The gig was absolutely qual.


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