Easter Monday

I was in Cardiff over Easter to watch the Anthony Joshua v Joseph Parker fight in the Principality Stadium. that was on Saturday night which effectively made Sunday a complete write-off. Making the most of Monday though, we went on a lovely Easter walk in a wooded area the name of which I couldn’t pronounce, let alone spell. We took Esther’s family dogs up for a nice walk then headed back home for showers and a spot of lunch.

Pint No. 105

What? – Hallets Cider

Where? – Thornhill Farm, Cardiff

When? – Monday 2nd April 2018

One of several benefits of your girlfriend’s family owning a Farm Shop is that there is often a wide variety of fantastic produce to sample. This, fortunately for me, can extend to pints. We had an awesome lunch of cold meats, quiche, cheese and other tasty treats. For No.105, I went for a bottle of Hallets Cider, made in South Wales. This was right up my street for a cider and complimented the food perfectly. Clear and crisp, carbonated without being too fizzy and most importantly, dry. I was pleasantly surprised by Hallets. I’d never really heard of them so wasn’t expecting much but they’ve put together a super tasty drop. The tagline is “Beautifully simple”, which I agree with completely.

Overall score: 4.5/5


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