Bevs without Bangers Friday

We normally put some music on and have a beer on a Friday afternoon at work. Nobody was really feeling the office tunes this week though, but the beers still came out. It was Al’s round and he went to the Sainsbury’s across the road to pick some up. I was delighted when he came back with a beer I’d yet to try.

Pint No. 106

What? – Weihenstephaner, Hefe Weissbier

Where? – The Office, Putney

When? – Friday 6th April 2018

I’ve found I do quite like Weissbiers and this one was no different. The head was absolutely mad as can be seen in the above photo. It’s got the familiar hazy yellow colour of Weissbiers and smells quite spicy, sour and fruity. Taste wise, it was quite sour but also had quite a strong banana taste which I really didn’t expect. Once you’re battled through the head, the underneath was really tasty. Would definitely have another go on this.

Overall Score: 3.5/5


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