Friday 13th

It was my round for Friday afternoon bevs at work so I went to Sainsbury’s and picked up a selection of big bottles. I made sure I picked only beers I’d not tried yet so I didn’t have to be a fussy fucker. After everyone else had their pick, I was left with a bottle of Shipyard American IPA for my 109th unique pint.

Pint No. 109

What? – Shipyard American IPA

Where? – The Office, Putney

When? – Friday 13th April

To be honest I was feeling a lager or cider but owing to the above, decided to just get on with it. It’s 5% and pours a browny-gold colour with basically no head at all. It felt a bit thin and lacking in flavour, especially as the pint went on. I wasn’t a massive fan of Shipyard from the bottle but I’ve had one on draft before and found it a bit better.

Overall score: 2/5.


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