Bevvy Sunday

Assuming that the good weather from Friday and Saturday would continue into the last day of the weekend, we planned a long old walk down the Thames, via Hammersmith, over the river and back through Barnes to Murray and Shea’s for a few evening beers. The only spanner in the works was that the weather was more changeable than we’d hoped. It managed to be muggy, rainy, windy and sunny meaning that it was impossible to dress for the day. I guess that would mean we’d need to seek refuge in pubs from time to time. Gutted.

Pint No. 112

What? – Portobello, London Pilsner

Where? – Rutland Arms, Hammersmith

When? – Sunday 15th April 2018

Remembering a nice pub I’d gone to with work a few years ago, I aimed us across Hammersmith Bridge to our first stop since home. The Blue Anchor is a nice riverside pub with some tables outside. However, the sun was beaming down at this point so the tables were all occupied. We plumped for the pub next door instead which was a Greene King called The Rutland Arms. I popped in to get the pints and came out with a London Pilsner by Portobello Brewing Co. It’s a 4.6% pilsner with a clear and golden pour and an average sized white head. The first thing I noticed when taking back to the table was that it had a really off-putting smell. A bit like a bar on Sunday morning that didn’t get cleaned well after the night before. Taste wise, I really enjoyed it at the beginning. Nice and malty with some interesting hints that I wasn’t expecting. As the pint went on though, my enthusiasm for it waned. To be honest I found the final half of the pint difficult to drink. It all went to shit in the glass and became metallic and unpleasant. A real beer of two halves.

Overall Score: 2/5.

Onwards, and the walk was being punctuated by spells of rain. Unfortunately, the pubs became few and far between and after taking a detour due to a long stretch of pathway flooded by the Thames, we picked up the pace and aimed to cross the river to Barnes. The first place we saw was The White Harte, a large and well situated Youngs pub. I had my reservations, but we went in anyway.

Pint No. 113

What? – Guinness

Where? – The White Harte, Barnes

When? – Sunday 15th April 2018

The only pint they had on tap that I’d not yet sampled in this challenge was Guinness, so I duly ordered it and went to sit down. There’s really not very much for me to say about Guinness that’s not already been said. It’s an institution and a review from me isn’t really worthwhile. Suffice it to say that it’s always a solid option and an enjoyable drop.

Overall Score: 2.5/5.

We thought it was time to source some grub, especially if I was going to crack on to a few more beers. Having seen the menu in the White Harte and noting that it’s exactly the same as every other Youngs pub in SW London, we upped and left.

Pint No. 114

What? – Meantime, Yakima Red

Where? – The Treehouse, Barnes

When? – Sunday 15th April 2018

I’d seen a nice looking little Gastropub on Dojo not too far away so we navigated to The Treehouse and set up camp there for a while. I’ve been a bit down on Meantime so far in this challenge, but I’d had a recommendation from The Drinkers that Yakima Red was the pint to go for when it comes to the Greenwich Brewery. The beer gets its name from the fact that the hops are sourced from Yakima Valley in Washington State. It’s bitter but not overpoweringly so and surprisingly fruity. As you’d expect, it’s a ruby red colour and it has a small but bubbly head. Both in terms of flavour and in volume (4.1%) this is definitely one I could imagine settling down and sessioning on.

Overall Score: 3.5/5.

We’d ordered some food and I was down to the dregs on my Yakima Red by the time it arrived. I suppose that would call for another beer then.

Pint No. 115

What? – Mortimer’s Orchard

Where? – The Treehouse, Barnes

When? – Sunday 15th April 2018

Feeling the need to switch to something a bit sweeter, I ordered a pint of the cider they had on tap. This turned out to be Mortimer’s Orchard, one of many ciders under the Westons banner from Herefordshire. I’d rate this as a bang average pint. Superior to a bog-standard Bow or Shagners but found wanting when compared to an Orchard Pig or a nice pint of scrumpy.

Overall Score: 3/5.

We’d planned to go to a pub quiz back in Putney with Murray and Shea, however the day had gotten away from us somewhat making this an unrealistic plan. Instead, we headed over to their house for a few more bevs and some chat.

Pint No. 116

What? – 8 Wired, Cucumber Hippy

Where? – Murray & Shea’s Gaff, Putney

When? – Sunday 15th April 2018

Upon arrival, I was delighted to be met with Pint 116 of the challenge. Murray had gone to a shop on The Lower Richmond Road in Putney called Artisan and Vine which stocks some interesting bevs. The first of these was Cucumber Hippy, a Berliner Weisse by 8 Wired out of New Zealand. I really enjoyed this beer. Perfect for a nice Summer’s day whilst others are having a Pimms. As I’ve come to expect from Weisse beers there’s a real sour, tartness on the palate but I think this works really well with the calming neutral cucumber taste. Pouring a pale yellow with a meringue looking head, I found this a great example of where invention can work with a classic.

Overall Score: 4/5.

One of The Premier League’s greatest ever games was being replayed on telly, Newcastle 4-4 Arsenal from 2011. To celebrate, we cracked open another beer.

Pint No. 117

What? – Tui

Where? – Murray & Shea’s Gaff, Putney

When? – Sunday 15th April 2018

117 came from the same shop as the Cucumber Hippy and indeed from the same nation, New Zealand. From what I can gather, Tui is a fairly common, mass-produced beer in NZ. It’s sweeter and darker in colour than I expected but lacked any real edge or hoppyness. Not awful, not remarkable but drinkable.

Overall Score: 2/5.

Realising that we were low on booze, Esther and I headed out to the shops for supplies. A seasonal number from Brewdog was making eyes at me and I couldn’t resist.

Pint No. 118

What? – Brewdog, Zeitgeist

Where? – Murray & Shea’s Gaff, Putney

When? – Sunday 15th April 2018

The last beers of the day came in the shape of Zeitgeist by Brewdog. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a black lager before, let alone an idiosyncratic one, so the appeal was obvious. As anticipated, it was very dark in colour, coming out a little lighter than a porter with a thin cream (bone, white, off-white, ivory or beige) head. It was an awful lot lighter in the mouth than I’d expected. Something about the colour made me think I’d be wading through Baileys drinking it. In both taste and smell there was coffee, chocolate and toasty notes. I quite enjoyed this one.

Overall Score: 3/5.


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