Bye Grace

I started a job in London in 2014 as a graduate with 1 other person, Grace. We sat next to eachother for 4 years but she decided it was time to move on and leave the company. For her leaving drinks, we went to a place called Draughts in Hackney. It’s essentially a board-game pub with an unending supply of games to play. It was super fun.

Pint No. 126

What? – Howling Hops, Das Koolsch

Where? – Draughts, Hackney

When? – Wednesday 2nd May 2018

We drained quite a lot of Prosecco in the office before heading over to Draughts. Once there though, I perused their drinks menu and was plesaed to see a couple of numbers I’d yet to try. The one I went for first was Das Koolsch by Howling Hops brewery which is just down the road from the venue in Hackney Wick. I wasn’t overly enamoured with this one, but it did a serviceable job. Pouring hazy yellow with a small creamy head, the smells were quite yeasty and malty. Taste was it was much of the same, basically pretty bready. We’d started off on the games by this point and it was a nice accompaniment to them.

Overall Score: 3/5.


We played a couple of games recommended to us by the staff and then played Chairs, which is essentially a reverse Jenga.

Pint No. 127

What? – 40FT, Disco Pils

Where? – Draughts, Hackney

When? – Wednesday 2nd May 2018

Whilst we were playing Chairs, I moved on to Disco Pils by 40FT brewery in Dalston. It’s a pretty standard craft lager. Tasty enough to get you through the night, without being too remarkable. Good pump clip, though I wasn’t able to get a photo because we were having table service.

Overall Score: 2.5/5.


We starting playing Jenga but with a rule to drink a shot of tequila if you toppled the tower. Grace lost one and upon sampling tequila for the first time, chundered all over the outside of the venue. Seeing this as our cue to skedaddle, we paid up and shot off. Walking down the road a bit, we came across a nice looking, though very dark, bar.

Pint No. 128

What? – Crate, IPA

Where? – MAP Maison, Hackney

When? – Wednesday 2nd May 2018

My final unique pint of the night, punctuated by a couple of tasty Espresso Martinis was Crate IPA. It was probably too late in the day to properly appreciate this one. Let’s just say it was nice, tick it off and move on.

Overall Score: 2.5/5.


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