Prague – First Full Day

The first full day in Prague was a bit of an odd one. I’d had 2 seriously heavy nights previously and both had featured beer as the lead actor. Also, we had a bit of a touristy day and everywhere we went seemed to have the same beers that we’d done the night before. This all added up to me having a cider for my first unique pint of the day.

Pint No. 135

What? – Kingswood Cider

Where? – Letna Zahradni, Prague

When? – Friday 4th May 2018

We got the tram into central and caught wind of a big beer garden with ace views of the city. Fancying a piece of that on a nice sunny day, we set off on the walk to find Letna Zahradni. Once we’d made it up the steep (steep for a hangover on a sunny day) incline, we found a nice spot and got some bevs in. They had a lager option but interestingly, they also had a cider option. I had absolutely no idea that made cider in Prague so I immediately got on that train. What arrived was slightly strange. It reminded me of some from concentrate apple juice that my mum used to buy from Lidl. Very sweet red apple taste with a hint of cinnamon but neither of those things tasted natural. It was really artificial but weirdly quite nice in a “I probably won’t ever want or need to drink this again in my life” kind of way. I ordered more.

Overall Score: 2.5/5.


After many beers had been consumed, we made our way over to a rooftop bar in central Prague and got seriously bevving on the cocktails. Beer took a back seat for quite some time until we were back at the Airbnb.

What? – Branik Svetly

Where? – Airbnb, Prague

When? – Friday 4th May 2018

We’d picked up a crate of Branik Svetly earlier in the day so decided to crack onto these. The Branik’s weren’t amazing but did the job. One tip for this one though, don’t drink it if it’s not been in the fridge for quite a while!

Overall score: 2/5. – Overall score warm 0/5.


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