Prague – Third Full Day

Day 3, and it’s a real struggle. My blood was now at least 43% ABV, beer wasn’t touching the sides and fatigue had really set in. We headed back to T-Anker on top of the department store and settled in for a long afternoon of getting W-Ankered. Round after round came in and we didn’t seem to be getting any drunker. We paid up and left. When we got to the bottom, it became apparent that Clifford had acquired an interesting little bottle of beer from somewhere.

Pint No. 141

What? – La Trappe, Quadrupel

Where? – In the square, Prague

When? – Sunday 6th May 2018

La Trappe Quadrupel is one of the most challenging beers I’ve ever tasted. It was thick, heavy and strong. It was like drinking a glass of Port that had Guinness spilled in. I found it sweet and strong, a bit like a Christmas pudding with lots of plummy, raisin flavours and a big bang over the head with alcohol. I can safely say that I would never have this again and would probably be wary of other Trappist bevs. Very interesting, but not for me.

Overall Score: 1/5.

We thought a bar crawl would be a good idea to inject a bit of energy into proceedings. In the square, we’d recalled seeing promo-people selling tickets to the bar crawls so went to find them. Once we’d located them and a good price had been haggled, we were directed to the HQ of the crawl. It looked as though we’d made a huge mistake. It was quite dead and without much atmosphere to speak of. However, the booze was as promised and was free-flowing.

Pint No. 142

What? – Klasik

Where? – Drunken Monkey, Prague

When? – Sunday 6th May 2018

The only beer on offer was thankfully one that I’d yet to sample. Klasik was a very basic lager. It reminded me a bit of Carlsberg Export but a little bit nicer. In fairness though, it went very nicely into cups for a game of beer pong and it wasn’t too difficult to bang off.

Overall Score: 2/5.


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