Prague – Last Day

We’d had our last night in Prague and boy were we feeling rough. We had to check out of the flat by 11AM which proved to be quite challenging, especially for Bone and Bag who were still pretty hammered. We caught the tram into central and found a KFC. Unfortunately the language barrier meant that none of knew what we ordered and we ended up with roughly 8 chickens worth of food per person. We then went and found a park where we could have a nap and kill some time before heading to the airport.

Pint No. 143

What? – Bernard, Bezlepkovy

Where? – A park, Prague

When? – Monday 7th May 2018

After I awoke from the nap, I felt that I may have missed a few opportunities to get some more different beers on board. To try and make myself feel better about this, I went off to the shops to buy whatever I could afford with Czech shrapnel I had left. I came back with a bottle of Bernard. If I’m honest, the lid is what drew me too it. It was pretty shit beer mind. I found it quite difficult to get down, although that may have had something to do with the filthy hangover.

Overall Score: 1/5.

Pint No. 144

What? – Duff

Where? – A park, Prague

When? – Monday 7th May 2018

The other beer I bought was Duff. Duff! I purchased this in the hope that it would be pretty crap. If Duff was a nice beer, I think that would totally devalue it. There’s no way that Springfield’s favourite beer would be anything other than piss-water. That’s why I was in no way disappointed to find out that it tasted shitty. I was hoping it would stay true to The Simpsons and be woeful (Moe-ful).

Overall Score: 2.5/5. Extra point for novelty value.


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