Liquid Lunch

At my work, we do a monthly company presentation where we review  how everything has gone in the prior month. Normally, this ends with someone running a game/quiz/task that everyone gets involved in. The fun game this month was, let’s go to the pub. Fortunately for me, the pub was The Jolly Gardeners and they had some new beers on tap.

Pint No. 147

What? – Siren, Ten Dollar Shake

Where? – The Jolly Gardeners, Putney

When? – Wednesday 16th May 2018


I’d heard quite a lot about Ten Dollar Shake by Siren so I was pleased to have the opportunity to have a go on it. Being called a Fruit Smoothie IPA, I was expecting it to be a juicy little number and I wasn’t disappointed. They’ve also included lactose in the brewing which gives it a nice texture. I could tell from first sniff that I was going to enjoy this. It had a great tropical nose and that translated into hoppy but fruity taste. Mango and passion fruit came through nicely.

A few days after, this pint was on Sunday Brunch as part of the drinks section on there.

Overall Score: 4.5/5.



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