I’m so sick of… Fill in the blanks

One of my favourite bands at the moment Car Seat Headrest were playing The Roundhouse in Camden and I was desperate to go. I convinced Esther to join me using a variety of tactics including playing their music near constantly and begging. Fortunately, it didn’t take too much effort. We clocked off work and transported ourselves over to Camden; got a spot of dinner then headed over to the venue. Being early and considering the recent spell of good weather was continuing, we went to the upstairs bar and sat outside. Imagine my delight when this all coincided with the top bar serving a pint I’d yet to sup.

Pint No. 151

What? – Backyard Brew, The Shed Head

Where? – The Roundhouse, Camden

When? – Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Shed Head by Backyard Brew is a golden-nut coloured bev with a thin head that quickly disappears. It’s a fairly standard APA in the mouth, a little hoppy and bready but nothing much to write to home about. Turns out this is a pint out of the Carlsberg brewery. Makes sense given that it was lacking in originality.

Overall Score: 2/5.


To top it all off, whilst drinking it I saw Radio X presenter and overall hammer-legend John Robins in a Car Seat Headrest shirt. Life made.


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