Foodies Festival

Pint No. 152

What? – Home 2.0, IPA

Where? – Foodies Festival, Syon Park

When? – Sunday 27th May 2018

Beer number 152 was easily the worst mistake I’ve made on this challenge to date. I even questioned whether or not to even put this beer on the list as I just couldn’t finish it. What swung it in the end was that it’s not the fault of the beer, but the fault of the drinker. I was dangerously hungover. I’d had a bit of a heavy one at the cricket club and was really struggling. Esther and I had tickets to a food festival just outside Brentford so I had to get my shit together. On arrival, one of the first stalls we got called over by was a Lithuanian beer producer Home 2.0. We had a couple of samples and the guy manning the stall talked me into an IPA. Despite trying and liking a couple of other more hangover-friendly drops, I fell for his chat. It was a monumental error.

As I said, the beer itself was good. It was hoppy, fresh and had a whole lot of flavour about it. I just couldn’t stomach it. My head was going and I thought I was going to chunder about half the way through. I was defeated.

Overall Score: 1/5. – I will re-score this if I ever get the chance to try it again.


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