Little Garcon

Born Ruffians, a band I’ve been a fan of for 10 years were playing in Hackney and Esther kindly came with me to see them. They were playing in Oslo, a venue above a bar/restaurant near the train station. We found out that they were doing 2-for-1 cocktails in the bar but before tucking into them I decided to crack on with a couple of unique pints.

Pint No. 158

What? – Beavertown, Bloody ‘Ell Blood Orange IPA

Where? – Oslo, Hackney

When? – Thursday 7th June 2018

The first one I had was Bloody ‘Ell by Beavertown. It’s a blood orange IPA where the zest + juice is added in late in the boil which may explain why the orange scents and flavours are quite subtle.

It’s a really good pint of IPA with hints of citrus and some more orange in the after taste. To be honest, I was expecting it to be a bit juicier but on reflection it was no bad thing that it wasn’t. A solid pint from Beavertown that, at 7.2% could get you deceptively battered.

Overall score: 3.5/5.

Next up, I couldn’t hold off on the 2-for-1 cocktails any more and got a lychee martini and a negroni. They got me well on the way and I was much more sauced when it came to my next pint.

Pint No. 159

What? – Oslo Lager

Where? – Oslo, Hackney

When? – Thursday 7th June 2018

Whenever I’m somewhere and they have a pint that’s been made specifically for that venue, I always do my best to try it. In this case, said beer was Oslo Lager. It was far darker than I expected, almost looking like an IPA. For a lager, it was much more complex in flavour than you’d normally get and that’s definitely a good thing in this instance.

Overall score: 2.5/5


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