Quick Can

One thing I really like about the beer industry at the moment is how creative brands are getting with their can designs. The bright colours and odd imagery on there is really eye-catching, and whilst you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, it really adds something to the situation. We were having an end … Continue reading Quick Can


Liquid Lunch

At my work, we do a monthly company presentation where we review  how everything has gone in the prior month. Normally, this ends with someone running a game/quiz/task that everyone gets involved in. The fun game this month was, let's go to the pub. Fortunately for me, the pub was The Jolly Gardeners and they … Continue reading Liquid Lunch

Temple Brew House

The snow was just about gone on Saturday morning but the cold weather had still put us off our original plan of going to the Beavertown Taphouse. That particular joy will have to wait a few weeks. Instead, I decided to have a look if there were any interesting looking places over by Esther's work … Continue reading Temple Brew House