Bermondsey + Tower Bridge

May weather was spoiling us a bit. Despite another post-cricket related hangover, we decided to pop out into London and enjoy the sun. Esther had her eye on Maltby Street market in Bermondsey to kick the day off. It's a bustling, vibrant street with lots of food and booze to try. After doing a length, … Continue reading Bermondsey + Tower Bridge


Good Friday

I'd been looking forward to this weekend for absolutely ages. Going down to Cardiff on Good Friday to get some beers in and watch sport all day, followed by staying in Cardiff to watch sport all day then going to watch Anthony Joshua in the Millennium Stadium on Saturday night. I got the bus to … Continue reading Good Friday

Six Nations: Week 4. Pub day

Week four of the Six Nations had finally arrived after a weekend without rugby. Before the egg chasing started though, Manchester United were hosting Liverpool in the Premier League. Ready for a super sport day, Murray, Shea and I decided to set up camp in The Jolly Gardeners in Putney. All the tables were booked … Continue reading Six Nations: Week 4. Pub day

Temple Brew House

The snow was just about gone on Saturday morning but the cold weather had still put us off our original plan of going to the Beavertown Taphouse. That particular joy will have to wait a few weeks. Instead, I decided to have a look if there were any interesting looking places over by Esther's work … Continue reading Temple Brew House