I had a couple of cricket games this weekend, one in Wallington nearby Croydon on Saturday and a friendly at home on Putney Heath on Sunday. The weather on Saturday was absolutely atrocious meaning that our match was eventually abandoned. Sunday however, was glorious and top it off, we ran out easy winners of the … Continue reading Championies


Bevvy Sunday

Assuming that the good weather from Friday and Saturday would continue into the last day of the weekend, we planned a long old walk down the Thames, via Hammersmith, over the river and back through Barnes to Murray and Shea's for a few evening beers. The only spanner in the works was that the weather … Continue reading Bevvy Sunday

Temple Brew House

The snow was just about gone on Saturday morning but the cold weather had still put us off our original plan of going to the Beavertown Taphouse. That particular joy will have to wait a few weeks. Instead, I decided to have a look if there were any interesting looking places over by Esther's work … Continue reading Temple Brew House