Prague – Second Full Day

Continuing the theme from the day before, we ventured out to another drinking spot with great views of the city. This one was on top of a department store. We were skeptical at first but when we got up there we thought we'd made the right choice. The sun was shining, the beers were plentiful, … Continue reading Prague – Second Full Day


Bevs without Bangers Friday

We normally put some music on and have a beer on a Friday afternoon at work. Nobody was really feeling the office tunes this week though, but the beers still came out. It was Al's round and he went to the Sainsbury's across the road to pick some up. I was delighted when he came … Continue reading Bevs without Bangers Friday

Temple Brew House

The snow was just about gone on Saturday morning but the cold weather had still put us off our original plan of going to the Beavertown Taphouse. That particular joy will have to wait a few weeks. Instead, I decided to have a look if there were any interesting looking places over by Esther's work … Continue reading Temple Brew House